Twisted Auto, Tappen Bay

Tappen Station Road, Tappen Bay, BC

I was able to complete the pre-crush site inspection at the property on the Little Shuswap Indian Reserve in 2014.  I met with Dave Schwandt, owner Twisted Auto Recycling Ltd and completed an initial assessment of his dismantling work and site.  Dave will be processing approximately 100 vehicles, crushing with Schnitzer and subsequently moving to a provincial lands location.  From my discussion with Dave he is well versed in processing vehicles and is making every effort to comply with all federal and provincial regulations that apply to ELV’s.

His oil and antifreeze will be going to GFL, batteries to CCON, and the tire stewardship program or the local Kal Tire.  He will collect all mercury switches and have them ready for shipment to the Switch Out Program, and the air conditioning ODS to a local refrigeration company.

Dave completed the AREA One Time Crush application which I will send to you later today.  I made an effort to contact the Environmental Officer for the Little Shuswap Indian Band but as of yet we have not talked.  Dave was advised that the band was not willing to re-new his lease but he was not provided with a reason why.  He is aware that the site has a poor environmental history due to previous tenants.  I have left a message with the Little Shuswap Indian Band and hope to talk to them in the very near future.

Based on my observations from today, I believe that Dave will meet all federal and provincial regulations and will become a valued member of AREA at his new location.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best regards, Rick


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