Annual Inspection Log

Every year, AREA does between 60 and 80 onsite inspections of its members by a Qualified Professional.  During the inspection, the facility’s Environmental Management Plan is updated as required by regulation and the facility is inspected to assess the operation to the different Federal and Provincial regulations.The frequency of inspection is based largely on their conformance to AREA’s Code of Practice and Contingency Plan.  Facilities that conform to the Code of Practice and Contingency Plan are inspected every three years.  Facilities with minor problems are inspected every two years.  Facilities with significant problems are inspected every year or more frequently depending on the seriousness of the violation.Click for more information on AREA’s Inspection Program.The inspections by calendar year are listed below.2019 Inspection Log2018 Bi-Annual Report2018 Inspection Log2017 Inspection Log2016 Inspection Log2015 Inspection Log2014 Inspection Log2013 Inspection Log2012 Inspection Log2011 Inspection Log2010 Inspection Log2009 Inspection Log2007 2008 Inspection Log